firefusk: the best firefox extension ever, almost.


what's new
  • 28 jan 2006: firefusk is now a community extension, you can share galleries at video support! now with images[1-100].jpg fusker-style input in manual mode!
  • 5 dec 2005: now works in firefox 1.5! (mostly.)
  • 3 dec 2005: i am working on getting this site together...

firefusk is a firefox extension for looking at pictures.

firefusk displays sequentially numbered image and video files, e.g. DSCF005.jpg-DSCF0205.jpg from a context menu. right click an image or image/video link, select the range you'd like to scan, and voila!, you're in image city, usa!

28 jan 2005: bigtime changes! firefusk is now a photo community extension, where you have the option of sending the galleries you create by using firefusk to (warning: adult content, since people apparently love the porn + firefusk combination). It's an intense site, with features like RSS feeds and user tagging!

The firefusk project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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